Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rock Crossing Camp Fun

We got to go on a fun camping trip this last weekend to Rock Crossing Campground near Pine. It was a fun time and a great getaway! We did a pretty good hike and some shooting, but mostly relaxed around camp and had fun campfire conversation. It was Joe, Ari, me, Ridge and a guy that Joe works with Jon and his wife Heather. They were great company! Oh yes, and we can't forget that Azul and Armani also tagged along. The fun part about this trip was trying out our new monster tent. It's 14X12X8 so it easily fit a dog kennel, a play pin, all our luggage and bedding... oh and night stands (I love how much fun Joe has with the extra amenities).
Ari nice and warm in her carseat, it was just a little windy at times.
The TENT :)
Ari and Daddy

I loved this little hat on her!

Ready for our hike! Ari, me and bun in the oven

Joe with Azul and Armani

I think I'm a better shot when I'm preggo, 5/5 babay

Cutest pic ever of Ari's profile, she's adorable


  1. Cute pics of the camping trip! Ari looks so cute in the hat! Whit - you look like such a B.A. with that gun!

  2. Whitney,
    I just found your blog! Yay! I loved reading your story...I didn't know half of that stuff. Congrats on the bun in the oven. Ari is adorable! I agree that hat is super cute! Check out our blog! We should be blogging friends!

  3. I just found your blog from Trinity's. Yay! I didn't know half of your info either. You're amazing. And Ari- so precious and adorable and just melts your heart;)