Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rock Crossing Camp Fun

We got to go on a fun camping trip this last weekend to Rock Crossing Campground near Pine. It was a fun time and a great getaway! We did a pretty good hike and some shooting, but mostly relaxed around camp and had fun campfire conversation. It was Joe, Ari, me, Ridge and a guy that Joe works with Jon and his wife Heather. They were great company! Oh yes, and we can't forget that Azul and Armani also tagged along. The fun part about this trip was trying out our new monster tent. It's 14X12X8 so it easily fit a dog kennel, a play pin, all our luggage and bedding... oh and night stands (I love how much fun Joe has with the extra amenities).
Ari nice and warm in her carseat, it was just a little windy at times.
The TENT :)
Ari and Daddy

I loved this little hat on her!

Ready for our hike! Ari, me and bun in the oven

Joe with Azul and Armani

I think I'm a better shot when I'm preggo, 5/5 babay

Cutest pic ever of Ari's profile, she's adorable

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning

A very fine place to start! I loved peeking at everyone else's blogs and finally decided I wanted to do one of my own  :)

I met Joe at the end of 2004 when we were working at MCI and I moved in with him in January 2005. (I was not letting this fine catch get away! hehe) He is seriously the most amazing man I've ever met. He is genuine, kind and he is so much fun to hang out with. We just love spending time together and he even enjoys chic-flicks with me! (and the Twilight series!!)

He proposed to me in a castle in Germany in November 2005. 

We were living in Mesa and started taking missionary discussions in April 2006 and legally bound our relationship April 25, 2006. 

Joe was baptized on May 17, 2006 and our beautiful wedding ceremony was August 5, 2006 in Show Low.

Shortly after, we drove to South Jordan, UT to pick up our furry children, our Dobermans Azul (blue male) and Armani (red female). 
Joe & I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa, AZ temple July 5, 2007. 

Then we were on a Mediterranean cruise in November of 2007 and found out in Rome, Italy that we would be having a baby! 

Our puppies turned into big dogs!

Joe graduated from University of Phoenix with his MBA on July 19,2008. 

The next day, our angel Ariana Brielle was born (July 20, 2008) and we found out shortly after her birth that she has Down Syndrome.  

She also had a heart defect that required surgical repair and the surgery took place November 13, 2008 when she was just 4 months old. 

She recovered like a champion and we thank the Lord everyday for her wonderful health and working heart!

We also discovered not too long ago that we will be adding another addition to the family in December!! I am about 10 weeks along right now and we are thrilled. (So yes our children will be 17 months apart and no it wasn't an accident!)  :)

That pretty much summarizes our amazing life to this point. We currently live in Casa Grande and Joe commutes to work in Tempe daily. We are blessed that I get to stay home and care for our little Ari, our home, bun in the oven and our furry children. I am also going to school at Central Arizona College for Nursing. We stay busy and we love it!